Electronics Glossary – Z

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Term Definition
Z Letter symbol used to represent impedance in ohms.
Z0 The characteristic impedance of a device or system.
Zener Diode A diode that maintains a relatively constant voltage when the reverse voltage across it is increased passed a specific point, called the zener voltage.
zero voltage switch A circuit designed to switch “on” at the moment the ac supply voltage crosses zero. This technique minimizes the radio frequency interference generated at switch closure.
zero-suppression The elimination of nonsignificant zeros in a numeral.
ZIF Zero Insertion Force – A component designed to eliminate the insertion and withdrawal forces during engaging and separating.
Zone cabling An architectural concept which splits the horizontal cabling into two sections. Eliminates the need to replace the entire horizontal cable in moves, adds and changes.
z-Parameter The set of parameters for a two port device that relates the input and output voltages to the input and output currents.